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Welcome spinning fishing hotheads...

"Spinning Maniacs Team"

We are a group of spinning fishing freaks, comming from town called Wyrzysk - from Poland. Every free moment of our lives we try to spend at the river, lake etc, with the fishing rod in our hands. Many common fishing trips in a great atmosphere, participation in the „Grand Prix Street Fishing Poland” cycle common vision of catching water predators ended up in putting all those things in spinning club frames – and so, 30.01.2017 we decided to build up our team created our logo and started a website.

The motto of our common fishing, for sure is a very special atmosphere, chilled out, but with the scent of rivalisation in a series of club competitions that we organize. We are not a hermetic club, and other spinning fishing freaks like us are very welcome.

...translated by "Kijek"

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